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For Small to Mid-Size Companies and Business Sales

Information Gathering
To begin the process we will need two pieces of information:

1.   Information that summarizes the expenses over the past one to two years.  
We will assist you in adjusting the financial information to conform to standard
industry standards for adjusting expenses for spendable cash-flow.  In the case
of a service route sale, we will assist you in determining the average monthly
gross and adjusted expenses.

2.   General information about the company.

Relationship with Silverbridge:
We represent you in an exclusive and assertive marketing effort.  By  
representing you, the Seller, we have the flexibility of simultaneously working
with multiple Buyers.  Working with more Buyers maximizes the opportunity for
you to obtain a fair sales price as well as finding the company with the best
strategic fit for you.  If you want us to represent you, we will sign an
Engagement Letter or a Listing Agreement.  In certain instances, usually in the
sale of smaller businesses, we can represent both parties with your concurrence,
even though you will pay our fee from proceeds paid to you by the Buyer.

The Marketing Process:
- Implement advertising and/or develop a potential Buyer from our previously  
developed data base
  •   Create a Summary and Blind Profile for your company
  •   Distribute Blind Profile and Confidentiality Agreement to prospective
  •   Call all respondents to qualify operational and financial consistency
  •   Forward business summaries to all qualified respondents who have
        signed a non-disclosure agreement
  •   Answer all questions/issues from prospective Buyers
  •   Schedule Buyer/Seller meetings in person or via conference call

Finalizing the Sale for Small to Mid-size Companies
We take an offer and goodwill deposit from the Buyer and then negotiate
acceptable terms for the sale.  When terms are agreed upon the transaction is
submitted to escrow.

Finalizing the Sale for Larger Companies
  •  Receive Letters of Intent and recommend counter offers/negotiations
  •  Work with selected Buyer's due diligence team to ensure a smooth and
       timely process
  •  Move the Letter of Intent to a definitive agreement and work with all
       advisors to protect your interests
  •  Close the transaction, and work to prepare Seller for transitional issues

Our goal throughout this process is to work with as many Buyers as possible to
create a competitive environment that will bring you a fair price.  Throughout,
we are focused on confidentiality, integrity, and regular communication with all
Developing a Good Sale