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Asset Sales
The Sale of Accounts & Service Routes
1923 Delivery Truck

Why Do Companies Sell Accounts and Service Routes?
Silverbridge actively markets and sells groups of accounts (routes) as asset sales
for building service companies.  By selling off service routes, companies can trim
off some of their accounts while still maintaining their normal business.  In
addition, instead of selling their whole business at one time, some Sellers find
that they can make significantly more money by selling off  their service routes as
asset sales.

Why Buy a Service Route?
Buyers often purchase accounts and service routes as a solid foundation for
jump-starting their own businesses. These account acquisitions can also be
desirable for a company looking to expand without committing large amounts of
capital required for a full merger with another company.
Types of Routes We've Sold
Vending - Janitorial - Landscape Maintenance - Parking Lot Sweeping
Window Washing - Swimming Pool Maintenance - House Cleaning
Super Market Distribution - Convenience Store Distribution
Fleet Car Wash - Bar & Restaurant Supplies - Carpet Clean